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Why not leave your freight worries to Exportair's experienced Staff?

Exportair can provide you with a full range of services which includes the following:



You can choose to deliver your goods to our offices near the international terminal or we can make arrangements for one of our experienced drivers to pick them up from your home or business.

They will weigh it on the spot, complete the required documentation and deliver it to the airport ready for shipment.

Payment is required at the time of pick-up unless prior arranged.



Free Pick-Up Service

In Metropolitan Perth



Pickup  Bookings please call (+618) 9477 1080



Booking a Pick-up. The planning of pick-ups is an important factor in ensuring your cargo arrives at our offices on time, so please allow 3 to 5 working days notice to arrange a suitable pick-up time.

All packages must be packed, sealed and clearly labelled with your name and address at destination. Packages should be ready for collection at the front of your home, hotel or business at the arranged collection time to minimise delays.

Additional fees may be charged where pick-ups are from high rise apartment buildings.




All documentation will be completed by Exportair, however to complete this task we require you to bring in your:

  • Passport 
  • Visa details (if applicable)
  • Airline ticket or copy of e-ticket verification (if applicable)
  • You will also be asked to complete and sign a packing list & security declaration.


Please note: Certain destinations will require either advance preparation (e.g. the United Kingdom) or additional documentation (e.g. Singapore). Exportair will always try to advise you in advance of such requirements.




Exportair is an IATA approved cargo agent and as such, all goods sent by us are covered automatically by the mandatory airline insurance cover. Your cargo is insured by the airline, not by Exportair.

Each kilogram is covered for USD $20 against negligence or wilful damage by the airline (carrier) providing there has been no contributory negligence by the shipper, consignee or other claimant, eg: insufficient packaging.

You must check the conditions of your goods before you sign for them. Occasionally goods may arrive with damage to them. If this happens, you must not sign for the goods. You must insist on having a survey done by the airline or responsible agent. It is the duty of the airline or agent to trace your shippment. You must also quote the air waybill number at all times. If a claim is necessary, it is important you keep a copy of all correspondence. If you must lodge a claim against the airline, this should be done without delay, and it should be done at the destination.



Exportair is an Accredited Air Cargo Agent with the Australian Department of Infrastructure & Regional Development. As such, we maintain a high security standard for all goods handled. 



If you require your goods to be shipped at a later date, Exportair can arrange to have it stored at our own secure storage facility. Smaller items are normally stored free of charge, with larger consignments being charged at a nominal fee. Please contact us for further details.



Packaging is an important aspect of ensuring your goods reach their destination undamaged. It is appropriate to use better quality suitcases, bags, backpacks or cardboard cartons. In all cases common sense prevails, all packaging materials should be strong and durable. Standard grocery cartons are not acceptable due to the thickness of the material used.

If unsure please contact us for assistance.

Exportair can offer you industry approved packaging cartons as follows:

Book Cartons

$5.00 each


41cm x 44cm x 31cm

Removal Cartons

$7.00 each

62cm x 44cm x 47cm

Quality Packaging Tape

$3.00 per roll


Large Volume Items. Some items are very large in size but light in actual weight eg: surfboards or televisions. This type of item is assessed on a 'volumetric' basis. The airline charges are based on the space taken up in the aircraft's hold.

The standard formula for calculating volumetric international air freight is:

Length (cm) x Width (cm) x Height (cm) divided by 6000.

eg: 52cm x 94cm x 61cm equates to 49.69 kilograms which rounds up to 50 kilograms.

This figure is the volumetric weight and is the weight you will be charged for where it exceeds the actual weight.



Pick up Service available - Call 9477 1080

Pick up Service available - Call 9477 1080

Exportair is a Department of Transport regulated cargo agent.

Exportair is a Department of Transport regulated cargo agent.

AQIS at Perth International Airport

AQIS at Perth International Airport